A natural stone available in tans, browns, yellow, gold, orange and black, sandstone is a long lasting, versatile, and low maintenance material.
Chiefly composed of small rock grains and minerals, natural sandstone is fundamentally a sedimentary rock. Many sedimentary rocks, including sandstone, display a visible stratification into layers. This visual cue can help determine how a rock came to be primarily based at the size and intensity of each layer. Sandstone is known for its extremely durable nature. It has been used by various cultures throughout the ages to create enduring edifices that have stood the test of time. Due to its inherent durability, sandstone is best employed for exterior structural edifices more so than interior aesthetics, although sandstone does make for a long-lasting and beautiful alternative to tiles. If you have budget constraints but are unwilling to compromise on aesthetic appeal or durability, this is the stone for you.

The LoneStar Series Sandstone