Koni Brick® is a thin brick veneer designed to match the most popular style of brick in the world, Old Chicago. Koni Brick® is thin, lightweight and easy to install. Available in 7 colors: Blanc, Buff, Café, Charcoal, Grey, Rosse and Vino, this brick veneer is the perfect choice for any construction project. Koni Brick® will bring a unique beauty and charm to any design.

Koni Brick® Blanc
Koni Brick® Buff
Koni Brick® Café
Koni Brick® Charcoal
Koni Brick® Vino
Koni Brick® Grey
Koni Brick® Rosse

**Photos shown are provided to demonstrate the range of colors available**

Colors are only approximate

Please order a sample to obtain a representation of the product.