Do you sell direct?

We do not currently sell directly to the public. Koni Materials® sells products through a network of distributors and eCommerce sites.

How can I find a distributor?

Call us at (210)319-4350 extension 105 or email to find a distributor near you!

Do you provide samples?

Of course! Our sample boards are available for $25 plus shipping costs. To request a sample board of our products, email  Please order a sample to obtain an accurate representation of the product, as the photos shown online may not always be exact.

how do I buy LiteStone®?

LiteStone® is available nationwide online at Lowes, The Home Depot, Tractor Supply and Walmart.

Do you take returns?

As we do not sell the product, returns can be handled through the distributor you made your purchase. Make sure to consult them about their return policy before making any purchases.

Are the products individual pieces or panels?

At Koni Materials®, we have products that come as individual pieces and we have products that come in panels. Contact us if you're unsure and want confirmation about a specific product.

Is each piece the same size?

One of the greatest things about Koni products is that they are made from molds crafted out of natural stones. Through this process, we are able to achieve the most realistic looking stone veneer on the market. The pieces you receive will vary slightly in size and color, with no two pieces looking exactly the same. You can contact us for the range of sizes offered, but we cannot provide exact sizing.

What type of adhesive should I use?

There are many different adhesives on the market and it is truly up to your preference. However, we can recommend Thin Set, Type N, or Type S mortars for grouted installations.  Please note, polymer modified mortars are recommended for DRY STACK installations; do not use Type N or Type S mortar.   

can the products be exposed to flame?

Koni products should not be in direct contact with flames. While they are not combustible, the product is not made to withstand extreme temperatures and may crack or become damaged over time. The materials can be used adjacent to flames (such as on a fireplace surround, backsplash, or fire pit surround), but we cannot recommend placement on the interior of a fireplace or fire pit.

Can I use the products as flooring?

Koni products are thin veneers for wall surfaces, making them lightweight and easy to install, they are not to be used as flooring.

How are the products made?

Koni Materials' brick veneer, stone veneer, and designer stone products are made from concrete pressed into hand-painted molds. Citali Series products are paneling created from natural stones. Luna Series products are 12x24 panels made from natural stone.

How can I cut the product?

Koni products can be cut multiple ways. Our recommendation would be an electric saw with a diamond blade or an angle grinder with a masonry-grade blade. However, if you have a specific way you're wanting to cut the product, call us first to make sure it will not damage your product.

What if I get adhesive on the product?

If you get any type of adhesive on your product, try to clean it as quickly as possible to prevent staining from occurring. Usually, adhesives will dry within 24-48 hours and stains are very difficult to remove once dried.

Can I drill into the product?

Yes, you can drill into Koni products using a drill bit made for concrete.

Can I install the product DIRECTLY ON wood?

We can't recommend installation over wood as wood is a natural material that is prone to mold and absorb water. This water absorption will weaken the adhesive bond, causing the product to loosen or fall off the surface. You can contact us if you have any questions about installing over wood.